An all inclusive solution for cold email. Completely on autopilot.

Dollars In,
Demos Out

We can get you 500+ emails per day in your target customers inbox, without burning your domains

We were stuck going to spam and didn't think cold email could work. After working with Ben from Salesblast I can confidently say our calendars are full and cold email works for us. Our only problem now is scaling our sales team.

Steven Petteruti, Founder & CTO of

Managing cold email outreach is


We got you covered.

Are you a B2B founder and need cold email outreach at scale, but don't have time to learn and manage the complexities of cold email?

We've got you covered.

Plug and play

We handle all setup for you, from domains, to emails, to profile pics and signatures, we handle everything so you don't have to.

A Novel Approach

Through our proprietary system we ensure that your domains aren't labeled as spam while still enabling you to scale your outreach and getting clients booked on your calendar.

All in one solution.

Managing cold email outreach can be a hassle, there's many systems to learn and landmines to step on.

Luckily for you we've plotted the course and weathered the storm to bring you a solution that handles all of your needs from domain setup, email setup, reputation management, and even marketing copy, all bundled together for your convenience.

All you have to do is respond to the emails.

Fill up your calendar with

high quality meetings

With Salesblast, the only problem you'll have will be finding the time to deal with all the prospects and sales calls you'll be booking.

We do at cold email outreach at scale and it works.

We make sure you can focus solely on handling your business, however that may be. As far as how to get those clients on your calendar, leave us to worry about that stuff. hates us.
Our clients



Say goodbye to Say goodbye to Mailchimp. Say goodbye to the headaches and mismatched platforms and their shortcoming. Say hello to peace of mind, more sales, and smooth sailing.

Say hello to SalesBlast


Contacts Per Month

Contact up to 20,000 new leads per month with a coordinated drip campaign to draw them in and well orchestrated follow ups to close the deal


Emails per day in the inbox

We'll make sure your emails get where they need to go. We'll handle the copy too. Cold email is a volume game and you need high quality content at scale to get results.

Get more meetings booked per month than ever before


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Salesblast provides a completely hands off, fully managed cold email service.

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